Let Rick Ross Tell It, He’s A “Global Sex Icon”


Rick Ross has repeatedly said he’s the biggest bawse and hip-hop respected it. Now, Rozay is telling the world not only is he a legend, but he’s also a “global sex icon.”

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In the clip, Renzel is seen in his hotel room getting ready to shoot a video from his latest project “Black Market” and instantly begins to rant about his sex symbol status and why he opts to have only a two-pack, not a six-pack, but just two.

“Only fat n—a with a two pack. Two pack. All I want is two. I don’t want all that sh-t going low. That sh-t corny. I want my belly but I want two at the top so n—a’s know a b—h know when I take my shirt off if that’s what Renzel wanted….but I don’t want that. Them’s not my desiressssss. Them’s not my dreammmmms.”

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Check out Rozay’s amazing motivational video below.