Viva Chat: Mack Wilds Readies A New Album As He Imitates Life In ‘The Breaks’


Outside the hustle and bustle of this year’s Art Basel Miami, actor-turned-singer Mack Wilds delved into the making of his new single “Love in the ’90z,” shedding light on the relationship between his ’90s-inspired tune and role in the upcoming VH1 original film The Breaks, also set in the ’90s.

Wilds stars alongside Afton Williamson and David Call in the VH1 original film about three friends working together to make their historic mark in the hip-hop industry.

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Before taking in the various works splayed across galleries at the SCOPE art show on South Beach, the “Henny” crooner kicked back in the exclusive “VH1’s The Breaks” lounge to speak with VIBE Viva about walking in the shoes of his character, Darryl Van Putten, Jr. a.k.a “DeeVee.”

“He’s a producer, and he just hungers for more,” said Mack. “He’s one of those young producers who has the dopest music, but he struggles with the fact that his dad isn’t loving the fact that he’s doing music instead of being in school and dealing with other wack rappers at the time, to try and find the right person to be on his beats, to make the history he wants to make.” The Staten Island native also touched on the logistics of his new single, which he began composing right before he accepted his VH1 role. In between filming, Wilds revealed he felt more than inspired to go back into the studio and craft it into the quintessential, and often nostalgic, hip-hop love song his fans can’t get enough of. “[“Love in the ’90z”] is inspired by the movie, my experience and just the time period,” explained the Afro-Dominican heartthrob. “We started to cut it before I shot the film. It wasn’t until we did the film and I put myself back in that time period and I was like ‘This is amazing.’ So we went back in to recut it, make it perfect, and fine tune it to where it sounded like the time, got in some people like Teddy Riley, Scott Storch, James Poyser of The Roots, and of course Salaam [Remi], and tweaked it to what it is today.”

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What’s more, the wunderkind confirmed that his follow-up to his breakthrough debut New York: A Love Story is set to drop in the first quarter of 2016. Although he’s still debating on the title, Mack said he’s nearly finished with 13 tracks, which may or may not include his ’90s love joint.

An exhilarated Mack just couldn’t contain his excitement about exploring the Art Basel scene, as he broke down what the annual celebration of art means to him. Watch the whole shebang, below.

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