Macy Gray ‘Trumps’ Upcoming Presidential Candidate, Gun Control And Releases Holiday Song


Macy Gray definitely gave people a lot to digest this week. While the singer used her platform to promote her rendition of the holiday anthem, “All I Want for Christmas,” in the same breathe she decided to speak out about her political standpoint with the upcoming elections and gun control.

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In a little over a four-minute video for her single, an animated Macy Gray frolics through a winter wonderland. The soft-spoken singer shares with possibly Santa and the rest of the world what she would like for Christmas, which happens to be a “whole bunch of stuff.” Unfortunately, for Macy, she says most of what she wants is intangible, like “free healthcare and gun control.”

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And as for Trump, she’s not feeling him either. Still trudging through the snow she sings, “That Mr. Trump, he’s an entertaining guy, but let’s face it, really is he qualified?” The singer also touched on the controversy surrounding immigrants and the environment.

Despite the varying opinions surrounding the issues Gray sang about, her rendition definitely gave people something to think about this holiday season. Like the chorus says, “if you wanna make the world a better place,” say “alright.”

Check out Gray’s lyrical video for “All I Want for Christmas” below.