Not Again: Is Meek Mill Aiming At Drake In This ‘Dreamchasers 4′ Snippet?

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It seems like Meek Mill isn’t done dissing Drake, even after Drake’s diss record “Back to Back” was nominated for a Grammy. Fortunately for hip-hop’s sake, it looks like Meek is giving the infamous battle more fuel after leaking some new music.

The Philly native recently leaked a snippet from his upcoming mixtape Dreamchasers 4. While most die-hard Meek Mill fans were celebrating the mixtape’s next chapter, Meek took the attention to revive his Twitter feud with Drake.

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The snippet is only 11 seconds and although it never mentions Drake’s name, it does reference some of Meek earlier claims. For those who aren’t hip to the rap war, Meek called out Drake for using ghostwriters. For a minute it seemed like the heat had died down, but after MMG’s Rick Ross sparked some old feelings in “Color Money”, Meek decided to ignite the fuse. In the music clip, the rapper says, “When I was saying shit about the rhymes you ain’t wrote, I can’t wait until we run into ya, I’ma put a gun in ya.”

It’s hard to refute the fact that Meek is coming for Drake yet again. Some one should probably tell Drake to watch out, because this time it appears Meek won’t be using his Twitter fingers.

Check out the snippet from Meek Mill’s upcoming project, Dreamchasers 4 below.