Executors Of Michael Jackson’s Estate Are Being Served A Lawsuit


Executors of Michael Jackson’s estate are being sued for not fulfilling a contract that was made between Jackson and one of his late friends, Raju Patel, who passed away in 2005 due to cancer, the Hollywood Reporter states. Patel, who was also a producer, allegedly had a joint film company with Jackson that they named Neverland Entertainment and a contract that gave permission for Patel to create a tribute film to his dear friend, MJ. Apparently the estate executors are not having it at all with Patel’s father, who’s trying to make that all come into reality for the two departed allies.

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“Michael wanted to create a film tribute to the dedicated fans who stood by him during difficult times when many others turned their backs on Michael,” the lawsuit states. “Michael trusted his good friend and filmmaker, Raju, to make the film a reality.” Patel’s father, Sharad Chandra Patel, attempted to get ahold of Jackson’s music in addition to personal effects in order to get started on the film, but estate executors have closed out the effort.

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Sharad Patel makes claims that his son passed him the rights to make the film with Jackson’s estate’s cooperation but they took another route in 2010 with the release of the Sony film, This Is It. His claims also dig into stating that the estate gained 90 percent profit from This Is It instead of the intended 50-50 split that would’ve transpired under the Patel film contract that was apparently spurned.