Here’s A Video Of Mike Tyson Falling Off Of A Hoverboard


This year’s hottest new gadget, the hoverboard, gave Mike Tyson his first “L” in years.

The former boxing champion shared a video on Instagram of himself taking a twirl on the swanky toy, holding onto his balance until the end of the short clip. Finding amusement in his ability to keep his balance for a full spin, Tyson pulled off into a forward lunge that ended with his hitting the floor. Unfortunately for his daughter, who could be heard in the background, she saw the whole thing coming.

“Daddy, I don’t want you to fall,” she can be heard warning from the background.

Luckily, Tyson took it like, well, a champ. Employing the hashtags “#hoverboard,” “#knockout,” “#MikeTysonBreaksBack,” and “#imtoooldforthisshit,” he wrote beneath the Instagram post.

For your entertainment, peruse the laughable moment below. You’re welcome.

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