Missy Elliott’s Tiny Dancer Is Taking The World By Storm


We all know that a Missy Elliott performance and music video is an experience in itself, and throughout her career, the innovative MC has been instrumental in displaying the importance of visuals by implementing eye-popping choreography and showcasing incredibly talented dancers ranging from tweens to young adults.

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Missy’s tribute at Billboard’s Women In Music introduced us to a new pint-sized performer. Fiona Krkuti, a 10-year-old hailing from New York/New Jersey, was a featured dancer during the performance, which was broadcast on Dec. 18. She has been dancing since the age of 3, and has gravitated to the hip hop style ever since. She trains at the FUNKtion Dance Complex in Edison, N.J., serves as the captain of the Brooklyn Nets Kids Dance Team, and is a lead counselor at Camp PULSE, in which she assists renowned choreographers during the national touring convention. She is also a member of N.Y. and N.J.’s Beat Club Crew and L.A.’s ImmaBeast Dance Company, headed by the electrifying choreographer, Willdabeast Adams.

Krkuti’s agent pointed her in Missy’s direction after winning Monsters Of Hip Hop Atlanta’s freestyle dance battle this year, and it was basically a match made in heaven from then on.

“Fiona has the type of fire and personality in her dancing that is so synonymous with Missy’s dancers in the past,” said Missy’s choreographer, Galen Hooks. “Not only that, but I could tell from watching links of her dancing that she is a smart dancer who could pick up choreography quickly, which was crucial since she had to learn it off a rehearsal tape shot in L.A. while she was in NY.”

When interviewed by Billboard about her new gig as Missy’s mini-muse, Krkuti said that she was excited and has been a fan of her music for a couple of years.

“I’ve known about Missy Elliott’s music since I was 8 years old. It was just so amazing [dancing for her], and I love her music.”

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She even got to catch up with Misdemeanor after the performance. “She was just so nice. She told me I was a great dancer and gave me a hug.”

What’s next for the talented youngster? While Fiona enjoys living the exciting life of a dancer, she is also interested in another high-profile occupation.

“I’ve been thinking about wanting to become the president [of the United States]. Hillary Clinton is now trying to go for president and I thought it was just really cool.”

We certainly support this young powerhouse in her quest for national slayage. Check out the tribute performance for Missy below.