Nicki Minaj’s Original “Anaconda” Surfaces With A New Melody

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Nicki Minaj’s infamous single, “Anaconda,” which influenced hilarious memes, and also triggered a feud with a pop princess which unraveled into the popular line, “Miley, what’s good?” has resurfaced with an interestingly new take.

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The fresh single, which has been dubbed as “Anaconda 2.0″ is the original version to the radio hit. Producer AnonXmous released the single that sent the Internet into yet another frenzy. This time the frenzy wasn’t pertaining to the video or its artwork, but more on the never-before-heard lyrics and alternative sound.

While the track does keep most of the hooks that fans know best, it adds some new lines like, “Don’t compare me to them girls, they drier than the batter. If she want to step to me, she better go get a ladder, because we up in VIP, she better move like McJagger.” As for its sound, the track sports a more simplified sampling of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” hit single.

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Check out the re-up to the Queens native’s “Anaconda” below.