Despite Criticism From Human Rights Activist, Nicki Minaj Performed In Angola


Despite human rights activists pleading with Nicki Minaj to cancel her performance in Angola, Minaj put on her glittery sheer one-suit and performed anyway, earning a reported $2 million.

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Minaj came under criticism when Thor Halvorssen head of the Human Rights Foundation, wrote an open letter to the Pinkprint artist asking her to cancel her performance due to President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ documented crimes against humanity.

In the letter, Halvorssen states the African nation is often accused of violating laws of journalists, activists and anyone who speaks out against the government. Santos, who has been president for 36 years, is said to have even made his daughter the main beneficiary of the “blood-diamond” trade.

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Despite it all, Nic, who never publicly commented on ordeal, ignored the detractors and gave an electrifying performance for the people.


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Check out a clip of Nic’s performance captured by TMZ below.