According To Omarion, “Post To Be” Should Have Been Nominated For A Grammy


The Grammy nominations are out and Omarion is definitely not happy about the final list. According to a recent rant, he thinks he should’ve made the cut for his “Post To Be” track featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko.

There’s no question of whether the single impacted the cyber culture, pinning the line “eat the booty like groceries,” as a frequently chanted anthem, but there’s a little confusion on whether that warrants a nomination. While the Grammy’s committee didn’t think so, Omarion claims that it was one of the “best R&B collaborations ever.”

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The singer went on Twitter to express his frustrations. While assuring his followers that he’s not angry, Omarion pointed out his impact in the industry and his fellow collaborator’s involvement in providing great music for over ten years.

But of course it doesn’t stop there. Omarion says he might’ve gotten snubbed for this year’s Grammy awards, but his moment is coming soon. “Remember. I prophesied it. It’s my destiny. I was destined. Chosen,” he told Twitter. Guess we’ll have to wait until next year to see if that prophecy comes true.

Despite thoughts on the single, there are some questions to address. The Grammy’s has never clarified what warrants a nomination, whether it be based on depth, production, or social influence. It’s hard to debate the single’s social impact but another idea to stir with is the question of whether the single is even categorized as R&B. While you’re mulling over that, Omarion has another question, “What other song can u name that didn’t have a rapper for a collab!?”

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Check out Omarion’s rant here.


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