Premiere: Famous 2 Most’s Self Titled Mixtape


Rap duo Famous 2 Most — consisting of members PJ and Hasani — are known to some as the originators of “The Whip” and the “Nae Nae” dances but they have so much more to offer to fans.

Newly signed to Bangladesh’s label, the two are premiering their new self titled mixtape with today (Dec 18).

“A lot of people know about us from our dances that we originated like the “Whip Dance” and the “Nae Nae,” but that’s literally just one moment of the wild and amazing stuff we do everyday in our lives,” the fellas tell VIBE. “We feel like if the whole world is this excited about that one tiny aspect of what we do on a daily basis. We know that the world is probably going to explode once they get a taste of the entire package of dances, music, fashion and extreme partying that we bring to the table.”

“Not to mention, that we have executive production from Bangladesh himself. Our tape is filled with a totally different sound and a whole lot of bangers. All y’all have to do is check out ‘Too Many’ off of our self-titled mixtape and see how we turn up on a Famous2Most scale. The rest is basically history.”

Bangladesh is also the group’s biggest fan and plans to help bring the fellas to the top

“I mean, I just feel like once again the whole world is finally seeing what I saw a long time ago. I met Hasani when he was 13, and I seen his dance video and knew immediately he was gonna be a star,” the super producer tell VIBE. “All I saw back then was a young Chris Brown. Years later we crossed paths again then I seen he was dancing, rapping AND producing?! He was rolling with PJ and the chemistry was crazy.”

You can stream their new project below, and support it on iTunes here.