President Obama Takes A Walk On The Wild Side With Bear Grylls


The POTUS is making a huge effort to get others aware of the issues surrounding climate change and on his latest excursion on the course of action, Obama got together with the host of NBC’s show “Running Wild With Bear Grylls.”

The two went on an Alaskan tour of the Arctic wilderness and all that it has to give as the trip presented a motivating factor into the mission that Obama is on where he revealed that it was “one of the main purposes of our trip.”

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The venture turned interesting when the leader of the free world took a walk on the wild side by trying out grilled half-eaten salmon while following it up with a joke saying that he wished that he was eating “something you might see on a plate.”

Have to hand it to our president; he’ll go to extremes to get the message out to our people for us to stay woke about what’s going on with our surroundings. Even Grylls tipped his hat off to the leader of the nation by saying, “I’m in awe of what you’re doing to protect our planet.” While in retrospect, Obama did the same to honor just how he sees Grylls is committed to doing the same.