Rapper Prodigy To Drop A Cook Book And Memoir


Prodigy, who is 50 percent of the legendary rap group Mobb Deep, announced that he will release a cookbook and memoir in 2016, Billboard reports. Both publications will reflect his time behind bars after a 2011 stint for possession of an illegal weapon.

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Commissary Kitchen will detail the NYC rapper’s survival on a prison diet in addition to doubling as a cookbook centered on penitentiary cuisine. His memoir, The State vs. Albert “Prodigy” Johnson will chronicle the overall prison experience, the challenges of life after incarceration and the effects that the prison term has had on his personal life and career,” a press release for the book states. His publishing company, Infamous Books, will also release a narrative fictional account based on the life of Mazaradi Fox, a former G-Unit affiliate who was murdered in 2014.

This will be Prodigy’s second memoir. His first, My Infamous Life, was released in 2011. Writer and pop culture journalist Kathy Iandoli will assist the rapper in penning his next pieces of work. Prodigy was held in New York’s Middle State Prison Facilities several times between the years of 2007 and 2011.

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