R. Kelly’s ‘HuffPost Live’ Interview Didn’t Go So Well… Because He Walked Off


The announcement of R. Kelly’s HuffPost Live interview came with a rightful fair share doubt that it would go smoothly – and the public was right. Kelz’s sit-down with host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani was a disaster of sorts, ending in the singer ending the live interview short. Things took a turn for the worse when Tehrani read negative tweets about R. Kelly regarding the allegations against him for sexual relations with underage girls.

“Fuck that, I’m a man who believes what I see,” he replied when asked what he thought of the commentary. “And everywhere I go […] everywhere I’ve been I get nothing but love. Now unless, all those people are tricking me and acting when they see me coming to a concert […] I’m going to believe what I see.”

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The conversation continued down a sour route, with Tehrani pushing for a response from Kelly about his lyrics, and how they are now perceived by listeners. The singer accused Tehrani of interrogating him, and failing to discuss his new album The Buffet. He threatened to walk out, and Tehrani told him that the decision was his prerogative.

“If the next question is something negative out of your mouth, that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” Kelly said. “I did not come here to get interrogated, I did not come here for a deposition. Do you know what a deposition is? Then you should agree with me when I say this sounds sort of like a deposition. This is not about R. Kelly, this is not about music, this is not about someone who worked hard and has an album out.”

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As Tehrani kept pushing for a response to the allegations, R. Kelly decided to allow her one more question. “You’re here to do a job. You’re here to get ratings, and I respect that. But you won’t be getting them off me if you interrogate me. You got one more question,” he said before making his exit, to McDonald’s for a McRib.

Sheesh. Watch R. Kelly’s HuffPost Live interview go up in flames below.

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