You Remind Me Of Something: 23 Sounds We Hope To Revisit On R. Kelly’s ‘Buffet’


Everyone has an R. Kelly story. Some of you were conceived to his records—others did the conceiving. If you were in school during his 90s heyday, you probably graduated to a few of his hits.

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December 11 marks a musical holiday—R. Kelly is blessing us with a new release. Twenty-two years after dropping his debut album 12 Play, the Chicago native is back at it and giving us that Kells realness. For his 14th studio album, The Buffet, the singer/songwriter penned 462 songs, solidifying his reign as King of R&B.

“I have all different generations of fans now, and I have to feed everybody,’ the singer told Rocsi Diaz on HLN’s “The Daily Share.” The Pied Piper continued: “You got hip hop, you got old school music with the ‘Step in the Name of Love’ type of music/’Happy People’ type of music. Then you have traditional R. Kelly sensuous, sexual music. It’s just a variety of things.”

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While anticipating his next project, we can’t help but rewind all the phases of Kells we hope to hear again.