Rev. Run And Justine Simmons Talk New Reality Show And Achieving #RelationshipGoals

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Rev. Run has traveled the world several times over while touring with the iconic hip-hop group Run-DMC, but if you ask the Queens native how many cities and countries he’s actually seen, the answer might surprise you.

“As Run-DMC, we ran around the world to perform, but for me, the only thing I was able to do with Run-DMC was get off the stage, get back on the tour bus and go to the next city,” the 51-year-old said.

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So when given an opportunity to experience the world again, Run and his family jumped at the chance. Starring in a new reality show with the travel channel, Rev Runs Around The World follows his wife, Justine Simmons, their 19-year-old son Russy and 8-year-old daughter Miley from Jamaica, Istanbul, Iceland, Mexico City to Dubai, and everywhere in between.

VIBE caught up with Mr. and Mrs. Simmons to talk about the beaucoup miles they racked up, their individual experiences and how they became the embodiment of relationship goals.

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VIBE: Traveling around the world, what did America look like from the outside? 
Rev Run: Hmm, didn’t think about like that. Really, what I was trying to do for my family was take them around the same places, and at the same time see the same places I was going to. For me, it was about trying to enjoy a vacation and I didn’t end up doing that because she dragged me everywhere and took me from getting out of cars to getting on camels in dag-on Dubai! I wanted to chill and just relax my mind, my body, my soul but she had me eating crickets in Mexico.
Justine: Going to all these places, I would say that we have a lot of different opportunities here. Traveling, I notice certain things we’re used to having they don’t have and to me it also makes you appreciate where we are.

There’s a saying “Spend your money on experiences and not things.” What was your individual favorite experience about your travels?
RR: I went specifically to have fun and relax. I work hard, I went to chill. I don’t know what her agenda was, but I found out she was trying to kill me. (laughs) The whole premise of what I was trying to accomplish is going to be very clear as you watch this show, I was trying to relax. I’ve been traveling my whole life with Run DMC. This particular show and this particular time in my life I was trying to relax.
J: My turn. We had Russy and Miley, and I feel like they got an amazing experience, I feel like this is something they will have for the rest of their life. Hopefully, they’ll want to take their children. For me, I would never say I want to go to Istanbul, he went there and he said it was amazing.
RR: There was no turkey in Turkey! If you’re looking for turkey in Turkey, you’re not going to get it.
J: No one’s doing that.

Last question: Everyone wants to get to “I do” but how do two people get to “I Like You?”
RR: You have to be friends, we’re friends.
J: We are.
RR: We laugh at the same jokes.
J: Sometimes it’s like he’s my brother.
RR: C’mon, why am I your brother?
J: To me, I feel at times he thinks he’s everyone’s father.
RR: Sometimes I’m the brother and sometimes I’m the lover. There’s no other.
J: Joey, (laughs) don’t do that.
RR: Undercover.
J: We talk a lot. At the end of the day, you know how you can argue with somebody, I don’t want to hurt him because of that argument.
RR: We don’t go below the belt. It’s love, it’s all love. We’re friends.
J: And leaving isn’t an option.
RR: If I’m leaving, I’m going from the attic to the basement or I’ll find the man cave. I’m leaving that far. The bottom line is communication and compromise and forgiveness, be a professional forgiver.

Catch Rev. Run and the fam Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

CREDIT: Travel Channel