Skillz Recaps The Year’s Biggest Headlines In His 2015 Rap Up


With just under two hours left in 2015, VA rapper Skillz does what he does best by recapping the year’s biggest headlines and most jaw-dropping worthy moments with his annual year end rap up.

Using DJ Skizz’s “Hot Breath” as a music bed, Skillz pokes fun at Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe snafu before he actually gets to spittin.’ He then goes in about the Patriots win against the Seattle Seahawks, and of course Ciara and Russell Wilson’s decision to abstain.

Caitlyn Jenner, #BlackLivesMatter, Freddie Gray, Rachel Dolezal Snapchat and Adele’s inescapable “Hello” all received love from Skillz, among a few other notables.

Spin the track and rewind 2015 with Skillz latest.

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