Slept-On Gems: 15 Incredible Albums That Might Not Make Most Year-End Lists

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Let’s face it, 2015 was a pretty weird year for music, especially hip-hop.

Things turned around in the latter of last year with the release of J.Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive and continued with phenomenal albums from Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, Adele and many more. With the plethora of music filling our minds and phones, it’s only normal that a few gems would get lost in the mix.

There’s a possibility some of these albums will land on a year-end list, but won’t be ranked or listened to as much as they should have near the time of their respected releases. While conscious raps from Kendrick Lamar helped give theme music to the Black Lives Matter movement, other projects (cough, Tetsuo & Youth) could have also been added to that same playlist. There were also lovely R&B projects from Tamia, Jill Scott and Jamie Foxx that weren’t given a chance due to the genre’s current dark and melancholy transition.

As you continue to debate your year-end lists, take a break and check out these incredible albums you didn’t give a chance this year.