Soulja Boy Says Goodbye To The Gucci Logo Tattoo On His Forehead


Soul Boy is striving to be a better person, at least that’s his plan according to Vine. And the first stop on the road to betterment is not in the relationship department, but instead to a tattoo parlor to get his tattoos removed.

The rapper turned Love & Hip-Hop star has been on this journey to remove his tattoos for the past five years, and recently shared a video clip from his experiences. His latest video shows the process of getting the Gucci logo removed from in between his eyebrows. The specialist tells him to take a deep breath before going to work, but even after little sparks of light go off, Soulja appears to be taking it like a champ.

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Accompanying the video, Soulja told his fans, “Recently I’ve been going through this process to get my tattoos removed, wanted to share the actual procedure. I appreciate all my friends, fans and family. We have to strive to be a better person everyday.”

Following the tattoo removal, Soulja hopped on Vine with a DJ Khaled-inspired video saying, “they don’t want you to remove tattoos off your face. They don’t want you to get money and live and look clean.”

Not quite the same inspirational message, but check out Soulja Boy’s tattoo removing procedure and his rendition of the keys to success on Vine below.

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