South Carolina Wants To Spend $3.6 Million To House The Confederate Flag


On June 17, Dylann Storm Roof killed nine parishioners inside Charleston’s historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church with the intent on starting a race war. Instead, a nationwide debate on the Confederate Battle Flag and it’s meaning took place, with the end result being the flag’s removal from the state house grounds in July.

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However, the controversial flag is being housed at South Carolina’s Museum Confederate Relic Room and the the cost to do so, according to the Military Museum Commission, is a whopping $3.6 million, which is $1.7 million less than originally proposed.

According to the Charlotte Observer,  the commission unanimously approved the plan which includes erecting a new a wing that will display an electronic representation of the names of all 24,000 South Carolina confederate soldiers killed in the Civil War.

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Allen Roberson, the relic room director,  said simply hiding the flag won’t solve the longstanding controversy surrounding it.

“Just putting [the flag] in a box won’t settle a controversy that has gone on. We are the institution to resolve this. And this is a solution to resolve the problem as best as we can.”