Spike Lee Marches The Streets Of New York City Post ‘Chi-Raq’ Premiere


Usually after a huge movie premiere, there’s some sort of after party or celebration taking place. But director Spike Lee did his Chi-Raq debut a little bit differently than others. Lee got a hold of Rev. Al Sharpton and took to the streets of New York City in a march against gun violence in support of the theme of his latest production. “It was great in 411 B.C. – it’ll work today,” Lee said as he talked on the protest. “This film is about changing lives.”

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As the motion picture Chi-Raq explores the ongoing gun violence and homicides that transpires in the city of Chicago, the plot also focuses on a group of women who give the men in their lives an ultimatum to either put the guns down completely or lose all the pleasures of intimacy. Lee shared his intentions of the movie in ways of  inspiring much needed change and for people to “work harder to make America safer.”

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“It’s telling people there that we do care. We are listening. These people are not invisible,” said actor Harry Lennix who hails from the streets of Chi-town and stars in the film.

As Chi-Raq tells a story that many live on a first-hand basis, the actors got a chance to experience it all in the midst of filming, Kevin Willmott shares, who co-wrote the script with Lee. “It’s an American problem,” Willmott expressed. “It’s about guns, it’s about race, it’s about jobs. There’s nothing new about the problem.”

Chi-Raq hits theaters on Dec. 4.