Experts Argue Tamir Rice Was Killed With His Hands In His Pockets


As the case surrounding Tamir Rice continues, a shooting reconstruction expert hired by Rice’s family is arguing the 12 year old was shot and killed with his hands in his pockets, and not reaching for the toy gun.

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Although it’s been more than a year since Tamir’s death, family and officers involved still don’t know if charges will be filed. County prosecutor Timothy McGinty, who normally decides whether or not an officer will face charges has assembled a grand jury to make that decision. Since October, members have heard testimony in the case.

And while Jesse Wobrock, the expert hired by the family, argues there was no exchange between officer Timothy Loehman and Rice, the grand jury has heard from several experts who deemed the shooting “clearly objectively reasonable.”

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Rice’s family wants the expert to testify in front of the grand jury and prosecutor McGinty in a statement was more than open to the proposal.

“An investigation is the search for the truth. … We welcome and will review all credible relevant evidence from any source.”

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