Universal Pictures Celebrate ‘Sisters’ With Christina Milian, Bria Murphy, Ester Dean & More


There’s nothing like being with family for the holidays. As seen in Universal Pictures’ upcoming film, Sisters, there may be a few spats, but there are also moments of endearment and great laughs. And on the heels of the film’s release, Universal is taking the time to shout out other sisterly bonds that encompass the holiday spirit, enlisting dynamic families like Christina Milian and her sisters, Bria and Shayne Murphy, and more.

In the “Celebrating Sisters” promotional campaign, Universal got up close and personal with the ladies, taking a sneak peek at the various families’ holiday activities and traditions. Christina Milian and her sisters Danielle and Liz, enjoy story time surrounded by bubbles, while Eddie Murphy’s daughters, Bria and Shayne share a few laughs in their onesies. Also joining the campaign is Ester Dean and her sister Deandria who hit a couple of high notes while baking up a storm in the kitchen. Chloe and Maud Arnold, the dynamic, tapping duo who were introduced to the world by Beyonce, are also joining the campaign, pictured tapping through house in their pjs.

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Accompanied by the fun and refreshing campaign shoot, the sisters also shared a couple of heartfelt moments about their familial bonds. Christina kept it lighthearted, while Shayne’s comment on her sister stands out saying, “I think how dedicated my sister is to what she’s interested, I’m seeing her grow really passionate about this craft and just watch her study these actors and it’s been really incredible to see her put the work in versus getting things handed to her because she is Eddie Murphy’s daughter.”

Check out the photos from the “Celebrating Sisters” campaign in the gallery above.