Is Vince Staples Planning To Retire From The Rap Game?


“You’re out of your goddamn mind if you think I’m going to be doing this music sh*t for more than two more years, and let me really get some money? If I get some in the next six months, you’ll never see me again.”

These are the words straight from Vince Staples’ mouth, jotted down and printed out into The California Sunday Magazine’s profile on him. The 22-year-old rapper is alluding that he will be retiring from his rap game fame and acclaim by 2017.

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The outspoken young musician, whose album Summertime ’06 catapulted him to stardom, said during his interview that while he’s a fan of rap, he’s “not a fan of rap culture.”

“[Rap] doesn’t progress with the times,” he said. “I think that’s unfortunate, because rap culture is an extension of black culture, no matter what anybody says. That shows we have to get better.” He also seems to be underwhelmed with success now that he has attained it, but he continues to do it because it makes his fans happy.

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“I don’t like being on the road. Health-wise it’s not good for me, and I have other things I’d rather do. But it’s not about you at this point; you’re doing it for the fans; you’re performing the songs.” The Long Beach rapper will be embarking on his Circa ’06 national tour Wednesday (Dec. 2) in Philly, kicking off a 23-city stint.

Staples’ album, released in June, was met with critical-acclaim, and he was named one of the members for XXL’s 2015 Freshman Class. Recently, Consequence of Sound knighted him their “Rookie Of The Year.” He has been in the news for his controversial comments on both the genre and other topics when he questioned the importance of rap from the ’90’s and also called Michael Jordan a “scumbag,” comparing him to Donald Trump.