Vince Staples: Young Thug Is “One Of The Best” At What He Does


As a featured writer for Pitchfork’s “Guest List: Best of 2015,” outspoken rapper Vince Staples had a few generous words to say about another controversial artist, Young Thug.

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“He has followed the path of a traditional rock star more than he has followed the path of a rapper, and it’s interesting to see people react to the things he says and does outside of his music,” scribbled Staples of the ATL MC. Thugger has been in the news for several reasons this year, such as for waging a custody battle on his Twitter TL and for verbally sparring with Metro Boomin on the same social network. However, Staples is willing to look past Thug’s shortcomings for the sake of music.

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“Everybody in the hip-hop community is so upset at him for being who he is and dressing like he does, but for the kind of music he makes, he is one of the best,” he wrote. “Thug is definitely refreshing because you can’t get the type of music that he makes from anyone but him. Music is a full package now, and he’s someone who embodies what a full package should be.”