Wale Claims Kendrick Lamar Hasn’t Answered His Calls Since His First Grammy Nomination


Monday’s Grammy nominations finds some artist celebrating, and others lamenting their lack of nods. Kendrick Lamar was one of the artists celebrating, Wale was on of the artists (passive aggressively) lamenting. As K. Dot snatched eleven nominations – making him the most nominated hip-hop artists in a single year – Wale took to Twitter to respond to fans’ inquiries about the whereabouts of his Grammy acknowledgement.

During the conversation, one fan suggested that Wale and Kendrick go on tour, and the MMG rapper replied that K. Dot has allegedly been dodging his calls:

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The assertion had the masses inquiring about whether or not Wale and Kendrick are on bad terms. Wale further raised eyebrows, by making a subliminal statement about his music, seemingly in comparison to that of Kendrick’s:

TDE remained mum on the matter, that is, until Jay Rock dropped his two cents. Referencing Wale’re recent exchange with Meek Mill, Kendrick’s fellow TDE cohort revived Meek’s now-infamous “U not MMG quote:”

Kendrick Lamar has yet to respond to Wale.

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