Write For Rights Campaign Aims To Free Albert Woodfox From Solitary Confinement


For four decades, Albert Woodfox has been locked away in a cell no bigger than a parking space in Louisiana State Penitentiary also known as Angola prison.

In 1972, Woodfox was convicted of the murder of a prison guard along with two other inmates that make up the Angola 3. Despite there being no physical evidence linking him to the crime, and a judge ordering his release, Woodfox remains in solitary confinement due to legal barriers presented by Louisiana authorities.

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Amnesty International’s annual Write for Right’s campaign aims to bring awareness to Woodfox and other heinous International crimes against humanity by encouraging people to write letters on behalf of the victims. To further amplify the cause, Amnesty International teamed up with New Orleans native, Brandan “BMike” Odums and local artist to highlight 12 international cases through art and art installations.

The goal of the initiative is to bring awareness and inspire people to write letters in hopes to bring about change.

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