Watch WSTRN Hit The London Streets With Their Loves In “Got Love”


The men of WSTRN are ready to give it all to their loves in their latest video, “Got Love.” The video for their single recently dropped this week, and it is nothing short a poetic portrayal of young love.

The single is an open, love letter, professing the group’s love repeating lines like “this girl’s on my mind when I wake like everyday and she’s the reason that I get no sleep.” And to accompany the heartfelt lyrics, the video depicts the group’s adventure around the London streets with their love interests.

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“Got Love” is following the release of the group’s debut single, “In2″ in October, which topped the UK charts at No. 4. And like it’s preceding track, “Got Love” also follows the group’s trend of matching soft, R&B vocals with a more up-beat, hip hop beat.

WSTRN maybe talking about they love they’ve got, but it’s safe to say you don’t have to have a love of your own to feel the song or video. Check out the video for “Got Love” below.

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