In The Weirdest Pick-Up Line Ever, Young Thug Called A Woman’s Son “Sexy”


Young Thug says the oddest things, but this might make you scratch your head the hardest.

Thanks to the power of the screenshot, the Internet has now learned that Thugger used a rather strange pick up line in someone’s DMs. Sending a photo along with a message, Young Thug offered the woman and her child what might be the weirdest compliment ever: “Your son is sexy and so is u…”

Posting a photo of Young Thug’s message, the Instagram user captioned the shot, “when a MAN tells you that your son is sexy.”

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This is a weird pickup line #youngthug

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According to Vlad TV, the child’s father took to Instagram to blast Young Thug for his commentary on his son in a post that was later deleted.

“Yooo @thuggerthugger1 kind of Gay s*** u on in my Girl DM… What part of the Game u call a 2 year-old boy sexy… Same man pride himself on his kids against Plies,” he reportedly wrote. “U suppose to teach people to be Men, I can’t respect that… Young dudes now a days smh… Save all the Blood talk with me, my homies all Billy… Men don’t do this, sharpen up… Getting at my girl is cool, calling my son sexy isn’t.”

Young Thug has yet to respond to the woman or her child’s father.

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