Premiere: Jump Into Zebra Katz’s Mind Twisting World In the Video For “Nu Renegade”


Zebra Katz and London based producer, Leila are back at it again with the visuals for Katz’s new single “Nu Renegade.”

Directed by Florian Pochlatko in Austria, the visuals showcase an eerie exorcism, in which the subject of the re-awakening is surrounded by a group of people. You’ll see a slew of shirtless white men, same sex affection infused by an electric dance party at the end, and small interludes of phrases like “What U Want,” and “Fucking Beast.” Each marks the beginning of a new video for a different track; starting with “Nu Renegade.” In the midst of all this, Zebra goes from playing a priest-like character to the male version of a temptress exciting the same guy going through expulsion at the beginning.

The Brooklyn MC, born Ojay Morgan, has a knack for creating mind-stimulating creative visuals, essentially made to showcase what his EP, Nu Renegade is all about. “Our main objective with filming was to bring the viewers deeper into the world Leila and I created with the EP,” he told VIBE in an email. “Leila and I were able to spend three weeks in Vienna playing shows, making music, and attending openings at the opera…We had some crazy times and insane experiences while immersing ourselves in the scene.” And with his previously released tracks like “I’ma Read,” “Tear The House Up,” and “Renegade,” he pays homage to urban vogue culture. He dropped and distributed the Nu Renegade EP this past May through his independent label, ZFK Records.

Peep Zebra Katz’s new video for all three tracks below.