50 Cent Not-So Subtly Responds To Rick Ross’ Latest Insult

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There doesn’t appear to be an amicable end to the 50 Cent-Rick Ross feud on the horizon, and with Ross’ latest comments, whatever small hope bygones could be bygones, has just diminished.

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During Renzel’s Rolling Stone interview, he said of the Power executive, “I was the biggest L he took” in reference to either his career or his rocky 2015. 50 Cent then took to Instagram to not to so subtly respond to his insults.

“When it’s all said and done, I will have his head” 50 Cent wrote as the caption for
the gruesome photo of a hyena with the head of an antelope in its mouth “I said I was going to talk less and do more this year. Watch it play out.”

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The ongoing mudslinging between Curtis and Ross is as old as time. Let’s just hope this continues to only be a war of words.