50 Cent Tells Irv Gotti’s 82-Year-Old Father To “Hurry Up And Die”

In case it wasn’t clear that 50 Cent’s fury knows no bounds, it should be by now.

As the G-Unit general’s bad blood with Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti was reignited by way of 50’s recent social media onslaught against Meek Mill, the low blows are lower than ever. Last week, Irv offered his two cents to Meek after the MMG rapper engaged in an Instagram back-and-forth with 50. Noting that his longtime nemesis is “better at lies and bulls**t” than Meek, Irv also pointed to 50 Cent’s alleged order of protection against Murder Inc. at the height of their beef. Needless to say, this led to 50 Cent sending shots Irv’s way.

50 Cent’s latest commentary however, was directed at Irv Gotti’s 82-year-old father. As the Murder Inc exec celebrated his father’s birthday, 50 had some less-than-kind wishes to offer.

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“IRV said he a grown man and his father 82 years old,” 50 Cent wrote on an Instagram post that has since been deleted. “Tell you daddy I said hurry up and die punk. Let’s get to it no more IG.”

And like clockwork, Meek Mill interjected, advising Irv Gotti to let 50 “drown” himself. After catching wind of Meek’s comment, 50 Cent dedicated yet another Instagram post to his new enemy. “I see you bitch you don’t want no parts of me girl,” 50 Cent wrote. “I’m watching you, now be the same when I see you.”

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Irv Gotti responded to 50 Cent’s diss towards his father with a lengthy post in his dad’s honor. “My Dad never had any real money. He struggled to put food on the table. BUT HE WAS THERE. HE NEVER LEFT. One of the strongest qualities I picked up from him is that,” he wrote.

Looks like the drama won’t be ceasing any time soon. Peep the Instagram exchanges below:

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Meek Mill 50 Cent Comment