Chipotle Receives Subpoena From Federal Grand Jury Over Norovirus Outbreak


Chipotle has been trying to bounce back from a norovirus spread that rocked more than a handful of their stores across the U.S. The outbreak has affected over 200 people, with one of its biggest impacts occurring in Boston. The virus hit the Massachusetts city after a few students at Boston College fell ill in December 2015.

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Now, a federal grand jury has aimed a subpoena in the restaurant’s direction, launching an investigation into the virus at Chipotle’s Simi Valley, Calif. restaurant, ABC News reports. In a statement by the FDA published on the site, the organization said, “When foodborne illness outbreaks occur, the FDA works closely with other federal and state agencies and other health officials to identify the source, ensure that companies are removing the affected foods from the marketplace, and communicate with the public. No system is foolproof, but the FDA works to prevent as many foodborne illness outbreaks as possible.”

In a statement issued to ABC News from Chipotle’s spokesman Chris Arnold, the company plans to  “cooperate fully with this investigation.”

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Chipotle’s shares have fallen drastically, hitting a 14 percent low. The company is working to correct the health matter, taking the necessary precautions to make sure another outbreak doesn’t occur.


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