Dascha Polanco Accepts Prom Date Invitation From Hometown High School Student


Dominican actress and Brooklyn native Dascha Polanco visited Progress High School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Friday, Jan. 16. The Orange is the New Black starlet surprised over 75 students excited to meet and hear her lecture on the importance of education and following your dreams.

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“Do not use excuses as a way not to accomplish the goals you have set and the dreams you may have,” shared Polanco with the student cohort. “Please know that there are choices in life and know that there are consequences to the choices you make.  You might not understand it now, but as you grow older, you will notice how all of your actions have turned you into who you are.”

She also left a lasting impression on the day’s assembly by vividly describing her journey to Hollywood as a young Latina. So much so that one brave student mustered up the courage to ask Polanco, 33, to prom. She was beyond delighted to accept, as Polanco herself has never attended or been asked to the annual dance.

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Watch her in action:

Progress High School for Professional Careers is located on 850 Grand Street in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. William Jusino, is the current Principal at Progress High School, which grade ranges from 9-12.