Want A Fabolous Emoji? Well, There’s An App For That

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If we’re being honest, being able to fluently communicate in emoji means the difference between a text back with a smiley face, and a “Who’s this?” when you try and text again.

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Hip-Hop heavyweight Fabolous teamed up with Binghamton, NY based company Moji Keyboard Inc. to create 50 custom emjois that perfectly encapsulate all that Fab represents.

Appropriately titled YoungEmOGis, the app is available exclusively on the Moji Keyboard App for iOS. Co-Owner Peter A. Bucci said the entire purpose of the project was to give fans and users a fun, engaging experience.

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“Music fans across the board should be really excited about this. From the beginning, Fabolous made it clear that delivering a fun, high quality product for his fans was priority number one, and we believe that we’ve done just that,” Bucci said.

Congrats to Fab.

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