A First Look At Baz Luhrmann’s Hip-Hop Netflix Series ‘The Get Down’


The Get Down hasn’t announced a release date beyond “this year,” but a new trailer tells us we’re getting closer to a proper premiere.

Set in The Bronx in the 1970s, the teaser excerpt follows a crew of teenagers running amok in the Boogie Down streets during the dawn of disco and punk, which gives us reason to believe this is more than just a hip-hop series. Plus, what’s a good drama without a love affair?

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The Get Down added its female principal Herizen Guardiola back in May of last year. The 18-year-old Miami native, who is of Cuban and Jamaican descent, will live out the role of Mylene Cruz – an aspiring singer and preacher’s daughter.

Emmy winner and Nuyorican Jimmy Smits takes the lead as Francisco Cruz aka “Papa Fuerte,” a South Bronx political boss. Check ‘em out.

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