Gabrielle Union’s Beauty Secrets Revealed: “I Mean, It’s Part Genetics”


Gabrielle Union lives her life in front of the camera, meaning she’s on point at all times. Honestly, there seems to be no off days for the actress/producer.

However, whether she’s strutting down a red carpet or shooting a scene for Being Mary Jane or cheering on her hubby court side, Gabrielle always looks stunning (sans makeup, too). For the past 20 years, we’ve all been wondering just how the nearly ageless beauty remains so flawless with such a demanding career and grueling schedule. Finally, Union spilling the tea. In a recent interview with ELLE Magazine, she gives the low-down on how she makes 43 look more like 20-something.

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“I mean, it’s part genetics,” Union simply offered to the publication, agreeing with the age old adage that black simply doesn’t crack. “And it’s a blessing and a curse to have oily skin, but I’m starting to believe it’s like embalming fluid that’s sort of keeping me youthful looking.”

As far as her daily beauty routine, she actually found out that although she has oily skin, oil has helped her skin. “I also thought you shouldn’t treat oil with oil, but I started using this oil,” she said. “I was lucky enough to work with Julie Hewett, who’s a makeup artist who also has her own skin-care line. And she gave me her face oil [Julie’s Camellia Oil, $24 for 1 oz.]. I thought, This just feels redundant, why would I put oil on top of oil? It’s really transformed my skin. I started using it this summer when we were filming Sleepless Nights in Atlanta, and I swear by it. I’ve told everybody about it. I’m not a paid spokesperson, but this oil is a godsend. It’s amazing. And it’s just a couple drops, and I’ve used it on my neck or my face. I don’t want to call it a wonder product, but for lack of a better word, it’s a wonder product.”

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Gabrielle also revealed that Dove is a contender in the body products department. “We’re kind of a Dove family. So there’s always Dove body wash. And one of my nail techs is always in her kitchen lab, and she put together this scrub with sugar and eucalyptus, and oil, and it’s amazing. It leaves your skin super soft. It’s something she just kind of cooked up.”

When it comes to other face care products, she explained that “a lot of things work for a little while, and then they stop, and then you’re like everybody else trying to figure out what’s going to work next.” As of now, you’ll find Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial scrub and cleanser, Mario Badescu toner in her bathroom cabinet. And of course, she tops off her daily routine with a sunblock to combat the effects of harsh UV rays from the sun. And like the rest of us, Union isn’t a strange to a few breakouts around that time of the month. “I tend to use more products with salicylic acid,” she explained.

Now, go forth and conquer some of the beauty ruts you may be stuck in with these tips from Union.

Read the full interview here.