Kendrick Lamar Recalls That One Unforgettable Time He Met President Barack Obama


Kendrick Lamar took his talents to the White House recently to meet with President Barack Obama, and caught the entire moment on video for his “Pay It Forward” campaign.

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The “Alright” rapper recalled that one time he sat down with Obama to briefly discuss points that affect disadvantaged communities. From “topics concerning the inner cities, the problem, the solutions,” to ways we can start “embracing the youth,” and realizing the importance of mentorship, K. Dot and the leader of the free world assumably drafted ways to improve those aforementioned topics.

One of the standout messages within the visual was mentorship. Throughout the 60-second short, Lamar recounts the positive impact of having a big brother or sister. “As a kid, having a mentor was vital to me. Always being there when it counted allowed me to make some of the most important decisions while growing up. So it’s only right that I mentor a younger person with the same wisdom that was given to me. If it helps the next kid become a better person in life, I will forever be aware of my influence and pay it forward”

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But one statement in particular that summed up the entire meeting was said by Obama, per Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett: “Can you believe that we’re both sitting in this Oval Office?” Mind-blowing indeed.

Check out the inspiring video below.