Kendrick Lamar Proves Being “Woke” Can Move An Audience With His ‘Tonight Show’ Performance


There is something to be said about a mainstream artist who crafts a very un-mainstream album, that then receives 11 Grammy nominations, while simultaneously becoming the darling of both the music world and the late night talk show circuit.

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Kendrick Lamar debuted his new single “Untitled 2″ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night, and put the studio audience (along with those in TV land) in a aww-worthy trance.

Rocking a flannel shirt, sweats and a sweater, cornrow Kendrick as he referred to himself dipped in and out of lyrical speeds as he performed in front of a full band, which frolicked between traditional rhythm and blues and jazz.

With precision, passion and an unabashed rawness, Kendrick Lamar, for a lack of better phrasing, took his performance to a whole ‘nother level, once again solidifying his rightful place in hip-hop.

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Watch it all unfold below.