Battle Of The Bars: It’s Kevin Hart Vs. Stormzy In A Rap-Off For The Ages


Ice Cube oversaw one of the biggest rap battles of our generation in a recent video between his co-star Kevin Hart and UK rapper Stormzy while the duo traveled across the pond to promote Ride Along 2 as well as Hart’s comedy tour, What Now?

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Hart brought his rap alter ego “Chocolate Droppa” out of retirement to freestyle a couple bars over Stormzy’s “Shut Up” beat, which surprised the Grime rapper.

“I don’t like to show that I’m talented over multi platforms,” said Hart, who will never be one to shy away from the jokes. However, his poetic prowess seemed to be no match for Stormzy, as the rapper effortlessly spit lines previously heard on his online freestyle series, “WickedSkengMan.”

The former N.W.A rapper gave his props to both participants, but who was the eventual winner? Check out the video below to see for yourself.

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