Lil Wayne And George Washington Are In A Super Bowl Commercial Together


Lots of things we thought were highly-unlikely have occurred in the life of Lil Wayne in the past year or so (see here, here and here), but his latest collaboration might take the cake. The Young Money boss man is gearing up to star in a special Super Bowl 50 commercial for, co-starring a fictional President George Washington. In a teaser of the upcoming spot, Weezy gets a buzz from Washington, who has retrieved some buns for their party.

In the 15-second clip titled “The Arrival “#MovinOnUp,” the full storyline is left to the imagination, but it does leave one wondering what comes next. And equally vague video description does not help much in clearing things up, either:

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“It’s almost party time and George left on a bun run hours ago. Now Lil Wayne is getting worried.”

Why is President Washington on a “bun run?” How did he link up with Lil Wayne? Why is he eating the buns while ringing the doorbell? Who is coming to this alleged party? So many questions are looming, and the masses will have to wait until Feb. 7 when the Panthers face the Broncos to find out. In the meantime, humor yourself with the teaser below:

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