Marvel Issues An Apology For Drawing The Wrong Flag In Spider-Man’s First Trip To Cuba

Since the U.S. and Cuba are working their political relationship, Marvel thought it was time to send Spider-Man to la llave del caribe in the  latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Like Rihanna, Questlove, and Carmelo Anthony, Peter Parker travels in a private jet to the communist nation in search of more than just a tropical vacation. However, the ground-breaking issue got off to a rough start.

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In the first panel of the comic book, Spider-Man is crouched on top of a building, looking out into the city only to see a Puerto Rican flag waving in the wind. The caption at the bottom of the panel even reads “This is not Havana. This is the town of Remedios, Cuba.” Yet, the colors on the flag are obviously incorrect as they are reversed (this is still happening?).

CREDIT: Marvel

Yesterday, the Puerto Rican-born author of the issue, Jose Molina, took to Twitter to apologize for his inaccuracy. Although he didn’t know how it happened, Molina held himself responsible for the animated mishap.

“As a Puerto Rican born-and-raised, I can’t tell you how embarrassed I am by this mix-up. It was an honest mistake; I can’t explain how it happened. My colleagues and I will be twice as vigilant in the future to ensure that such a gaffe doesn’t happen again.”

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Molina, along with the comic book’s editor Nick Lowe, claim all future printed editions and digital editions will feature the correct flag. Lowe also tweeted out the new panels to calm afflicted fans.