The 17 Trillest Lines From President Obama’s Final State Of The Union Address


A prophet named Bun B once said: “Being trill means being 101 percent about yourself and when you’re dealing with people. It’s just about not compromising yourself. We’re gonna take the long way if that what’s we need to do, we’re not gonna take shortcuts.” That in mind, “trill” serves as a fitting word to describe President Obama’s tenure in The White House. And his final State of the Union Address on Tuesday night (Jan. 12), America’s Commander-in-Chief kept the trillness going.

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Taking on the topics of economy, technology, climate change, national security and political ideology, President Obama shaped his eighth version of the annual speech around the country’s future. While highlighting the notable achievements of his administration, Obama also expressed his hopes for a more united state during his final year in office and under the leadership of his successor. Simultaneously, however, the President also delivered a few zingers and hard truths. From subliminally slamming Donald Trump’s antics, to checking his critics on his approach against ISIL, to pushing for affordable education, Obama repped for the people.

If “trill” is truly the combination of “true” and “real,” Obama’s last State of the Union Address was the epitome of the word. Flip through these 17 quotes for proof.