O’Shea Jackson Jr. Talks Promoting Growth & Positivity At L.A. Works’ MLK Day Of Service


More than just a breakout actor and the son of legendary rapper Ice Cube, O’Shea Jackson Jr. is making headlines with his positive vibes and supporting good causes.

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Recently, Jackson joined CelebsWork and L.A. Works – Los Angeles’ largest non profit and volunteer service agency – at L.A. Works’ 11th Annual MLK Day of Service as a special guest speaker and volunteer. During his speech, where he addressed nearly 1,300 volunteers at South Los Angeles’ Woodcrest Elementary School, the Straight Outta Compton actor discussed the film’s social impact, the legacy he hopes to leave through his work, and the changes he would personally like to see in the world.

“Without being aware of the problem, how can there be a solution?” O’Shea Jackson Jr. asked, harping on the fact that inspiring people and paying it forward is most important.

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“Showing growth in movies like Straight Outta Compton promotes growth,” he added. “If people of color are only supposed to be thieves or gang members in movies then what else can we inspire to be? They don’t tell you that the person who invented the X-ray microscope was a Latino man or that the man who pioneered open-heart surgery was a black man. There are stories of triumph out there that need to be shown to the inner city and to people who feel hopeless. I’m here to tell you that everything that you need is already in you, you just gotta figure out how to pull it out of you.”

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