Paid Assassins Kill Mexico Mayor Hours After She Takes Office

A mere 24 hours after being elected mayor of the Mexican city of Temixco, Gisela Mota, 33, was killed in her own home.  The newly elected official took office on Friday and by Saturday, shortly after 7 a.m., her residency was invaded by four gunmen who beat her before shooting her in the head.

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After fleeing in a van, the alleged crew of paid assassins engaged in a shootout with police, leaving two suspects dead in the chase and the other pair taken into custody, according to Telesur.

Mota is one of several mayors killed last year in Mexico, where its armed gangs and the drugs trade control many local communities.

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Morelos state Governor Graco Ramirez called her a “young and beloved companion” when he announced her death via Twitter.

Our condolences to the family.