The People Want ‘Sesame Street’s New Lead Character To Go To College


A new petition is urging HBO and Sesame Street to turn their lead character into a college student. Clinical psychologist Dr. Angelica Perez-Litwin created the petition and is pushing to make her logical request a reality.

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“While we are excited to see another Latina on the show, we are greatly disappointed by Nina’s occupational role on Sesame Street,” says Perez-Litwin in the petition.

Suki Lopez, the Cuban-American actress cast to star in the children series, plays Nina, who works as Elmo’s babysitter, in a laundromat and bike store. While these jobs aren’t terrible, Dr. Perez-Litwin believes sending Nina to college will inspire an entire generation of children to do the same.

“While we believe babysitting and working in a laundromat are important roles in any community, we strongly believe this is a missed opportunity for Sesame Street to highlight a millennial Latina who is pursuing a college or graduate degree, or who’s running her own business.”

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Support for the petition is steadily increasing. Since it was posted days ago, the petition has obtained over 1,519 signatures out of the intended goal of 2,500. HBO’s Sesame Street made its network debut on Jan. 16. However, there’s still time for the cable channel to consider the purposed alteration that could change the game for the eldest children series on television.

For more information or to sign the petition, visit here.