A Petition To Have Snoop Dogg Narrate Planet Earth Reaches 47,000 Signatures

In case you didn’t know, the people love Snoop Dogg, so much so a Change.Org petition to get the beloved west coast rapper to narrate an entire season of Planet Earth has already merited a smooth 45,000 signatures.

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Created by Kelly Ooton, the petition was directed to Animal Planet, Discovery Communication and The BBC and demands that Snoop D-O-double G be the voice behind nature’s most mystifying and awe-inspiring television show.

“We the people have agreed – we want Snoop Dogg to narrate full episodes of Planet Earth!” the petition reads.

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The idea was birthed from a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch called Plizzanet Earth where Snoop adds his colorful, off the cuff commentary while watching footage of animals.

When Snoop learned of the petition, the “Peaches-N-Cream” rapper was 100% on board.

If this actually happens, trust we’d be in full support.