A T-Shirt Line Is Racking Up Off Of Kanye West’s Latest Rant


The now infamous Twitter rant Kanye West instigated over the past few days didn’t just take over social media with its hilarious hashtags and back and forth commentary between him and Amber Rose. It somehow made its way to the retail industry. We Own Your Kids, a clothing brand that magically established over night, is making major bread off of the Ye and Wiz Khalifa feud, according to TMZ.

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Kanye’s tweets have since been erased in an effort to get back to the “blessings” and “positive energy.” But in case you missed it, the t-shirt company is bringing the beef to cotton, showcasing all of Kanye’s commandment-like tweets. The t-shirts are printed with sayings from the viral feud, including two of the most talked about statements, “You let a stripper trap you,” and “I own your kids,” which also inspired the name of the brand.

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According to TMZ, merely 24 hours after the feud came to an end, 80 percent of the stock was already sold, bringing in a little under $10,000. As for now, these are the only shirts being released, but considering Amber Rose’s comments and Kanye’s awkward rebuttal, there might be room for this business to keep growing.

In the meantime, the t-shirts are selling for $25 each on the company’s website.