Your Selfie Game Just Got Even More Poppin’ Thanks To Beyoncé’s Stylist

If Kim Kardashian made the selfie popping, then Ty Hunter, the man behind  Beyoncé’s fierce style, has just revolutionized it.

Hunter has created the best iPhone case for those that love a good selfie. You know there are a few components to execute a fabulous self-taken photo: a great angle, the chin down, camera up pose, and most importantly good lighting. Dubbed the Ty-Lite, the case actually features a frame of lights that perfectly illuminates your self portrait, making for a flawless selfie. “I’m such a selfie king and just wanted that extra light,” Hunter told Glamour. “Light is so important to look your best.”

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The Ty-Lite is also equipped with three different light settings, depending on where you are and what look you’re going for. Need the right light for outdoors?  Try Cool. If you want a glossy, dewy effect, opt for Warm, and Indoor/Outdoor “”gives you that little extra glam,” Hunter says.

You can cop a Ty-Lite for yourself for $79.99 here.