Viva Chat: Producer Cool Talks Cool & Dre’s Most Successful Single, The Game And 50 Cent’s “Hate It Or Love It”


Several years after Fat Joe gave them their first major placement on Jealous Ones Still Envy, Cool & Dre began to dominate the airwaves with songs like Terror Squad’s “Take Me Home” and Fat Joe’s “So Much More.” As their notoriety peaked circa 2005, the Grammy-winning producers seized the opportunity to reconstruct Miami hip-hop with popular, bass-heavy records like Dre’s “Chevy Riding High” and Rick Ross’ “Boss.”

It’s been 10 years Cool & Dre struck gold with their first No. 1 record, The Game and 50 Cent’s “Hate It Or Love It.” The veteran beat maker revealed why him and Dre had no idea Game and Fif used their now well-known beat up until after it became a smash hit on radio stations all over the country.

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“It’s crazy because we didn’t know who delivered the track. For years, we didn’t know,” explained Cool to VIBE Viva. “But when we did find out, we found out that someone delivered the track to 50. 50 recorded it, laid the hook down, and then had it sitting. Then Dr. Dre heard it and said ‘I need this for Game.’”

After spending the last decade creating popular records for rappers like Lil Wayne, Nas and Jay Rock, the Puerto Rican producer described how his craft matured over the years, admitting his ear for music changed as a new generation of aspiring lyricists and hip-hop producers brought new flavor into the fold.

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Get the inside scoop behind Cool & Dre’s most successful single in Part 2 of our interview with Cool, courtesy of Binish PR.